Love is a dangerous angel (seafoamwaltz) wrote in stephen_king,
Love is a dangerous angel

Under the Dome

I just finished it about an hour ago, in audio. Anyone got it? Anyone finished it yet? Thoughts? Favorite characters? Anything else?

I am, as usual, in love. It took me a while to warm up to it and it was pretty slow at times, but as King said in the author's note, he tried to make it 'a book that would keep the pedal to the metal' and I think he succeeded. I lost quite a bit of sleep reading and haven't been very in touch with the world for almost a week, and I'm probably going to start all over again tonight with my best friend. I'm continually amazed by his character development, I don't think I know of any other author who writes more relatable and likable characters (I think Rusty is my favorite of this bunch, but Sloppy Sam and Chef are up there too, I love the unlovables).

Now to mope in my melancholy and wait for the next masterpiece :)
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