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The Dark Half, Just After Sunset, and some interesting connections

So there are a couple things on my mind, and as always I'll try (and probably fail) not to ramble on too much.

1) I just finished "The Dark Half" less than an hour ago (read it all in one day, almost in one sitting) and completely loved it. I pretty much only wanted to mention that to rave about its wonderfulness, and also the fact that I am in love with Stephen King's ability to get right to the center of things. The way he talked about Thad wanting to write the book with Stark, for one, the way they mirrored each other and laughed together and how Liz said that a part of him loved Stark for his darkness. But mostly at the very end, when the sherriff was thinking how people were dead, one even bludgeoned to death with his own arm, and it was Thad's fault even if it wasn't fair to think that, he was wondering if Liz would ever want to get close to him again knowing that Stark had come from him. SK does it in "From a Buick 8" too, when he describes the monster's thoughts as they're trying to kill it. I don't know, I haven't seen any other writer bring those things out so clearly and it kind of fascinates me. =]

2) "Just After Sunset". I wanted to know if anyone's read it and if so, what you thought. Specifically which stories you loved and which you hated. I was pretty disappointed overall, which is a very sad thing for me to say, but I just didn't feel most of it. I did love "N", and "In a Very Tight Place" was a favorite even though it was absolutely disgusting and made me want to skip over certain parts, but really "The Cat from Hell" is the only other one I even liked. There were a couple others that were reasonably good ("The Gingerbread Girl" being one of them), but I just felt like it was lacking I guess. And the 9/11 stories did nothing at all for me.

3) Not related to any specific book, but I've been noticing as I read that SK likes to play little games with his books. At least that's what they seem like to me. Like the connection between Dolores Claiborne and the girl in "Gerald's Game", I can't remember her name now, when they see each other in their vision or whatever it is. And then "Hearts in Atlantis", Ted and the low men in yellow coats being part of the Dark Tower stuff. And less noticeably, in "Man, We Just Couldn't Stop Laughing" (which is one of my favorite King stories ever by the way), one of the card players is named Kenny Auster, and in "Bag of Bones" he's the guy who lives on the TR, with the dog named Blueberry. I'm sure there are others I don't know about, do you guys know of any? Not very important, just something I find interesting and kind of amusing.

Sorry for the length. I always ramble about King.
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