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The Marsten House

On the right you could look down into the town proper--Ben's first view of it. On the left, the Marsten House. He pulled over and got out of the car.
It was just the same.There was no difference, not at all.He might have last seen it yesterday.
The witch grass grew wild and tall in the front yard, obscuring the old, frost-heaved flagstones that led to the porch.Chirring crickets sang in it, and he could see grasshoppers jumping in erratic parabolas.
The house itself looked toward town. It was huge and rambling and sagging, its windows haphazardly boarded shut, giving the house that sinister look of all old houses that have been empty for a long time. The paint had been weathered away, giving the house a uniform gray look."

Stephen King, 'Salem's Lot

I had a phone conversation with my daughter this morning and we talked a little bit about Stephen King, as she'd just finished reading On Writing. As it often happens, we then began discussing how various parts of his various books had struck us upon first reading this or that passage. I brought the above passage up because I'd been thinking of it since yesterday afternoon.

There's an abandoned old house on a small rise (which around here--central Indiana--is amazing in itself) that we pass whenever we leave our home to go anywhere. You can see the back of this old place from the road and I'd often told myself I'd get up there to photograph the place. I finally did that yesterday,turning off the main county road where it can be seen, down a gravel road that wound around the empty fields. Not much like Maine, or anyplace in New England (where I am from) as I so often observe grumblingly to myself. Not so much, that is, until I passed a small copse of bare trees and saw the front of the house up on its hill. Because King is pretty entrenched in my subconscious, my first thought on seeing the house up there was 'Oh, god, that's the Marsten House!'.

Of course, it's not, imaginary house or no. It's too small and it's not a monstrous Victorian, yet at first glance and from a distance I saw it anyway. I plan on going back in summer and autumn to re-shoot it if it's not torn down by then or used for a practice fire by the F.D.

Click the cut to take a look:

Abandoned Farmhouse

The rest of the shots are in this set on Flick'r:

Has anyone else here seen a place that took you right back to one of King's tales?
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